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The Creative Nonfiction Podcast with Brendan O'Meara

Dec 2, 2017

"For me, I'm thinking about the writing from the very first second I get an assignment," says Louisa Thomas, who made the 2017 volume for Best American Sports Writing. "I'm thinking about tone, and texture, and influences."

I’m here to showcase the world’s best artists and how they create work of nonfiction so you can use their tools of master to improve your own work. Louisa Thomas joins me this week. She’s @louisahthomas on Twitter. She recently made the big book for The Best American Sports Writing for her piece Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and a Political Wimbledon. In this episode we talk about: Her biography Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams. Working with Problematic Writers and How Not to be One Mercenary Writing And what she learned working with New Yorker editor David Remnick How she organizes her titanic feats of research and much more People are taking advantage of my free hour of editorial work and coaching, about a $50 value. Want in? All you have to do is leave an honest review on iTunes and have it postmarked by the end of December. Send me a screenshot of your review and you’ll be on your way. Reviews validate the podcast and increase its visibility so we can reach more CNFin’ people. I’m not even asking for a 5-star review, merely an honest one because that comes from a more authentic place. All right, enough of my stupid face, time to hear from Louisa Thomas, thanks for listening.