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The Creative Nonfiction Podcast with Brendan O'Meara

Mar 31, 2015

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Maggie Messitt is the author of The Rainy Season: Three Lives in the New South Africa. Messitt is a writer, reporter, author, teacher, student, dog owner, and super kayaker and we delve into her writing process, how she handles her notes, and her Bookshelf for the Apocalypse (a new segment to the Hashtag #CNF podcast). There's so much great stuff here (and more I want to revisit in a Part 2). You'll get plenty of wisdom from Messitt here. I hope you enjoy this re-re-birth of the podcast. I have a new microphone so hopefully this means better quality and more consistency as I speak with more practitioners of narrative nonfiction. For more show notes be sure to visit and subscribe to the podcast. It all starts with you. Thank you so much! Love, Brendan